"Towards peace, stability and prosperity"

Principle objectives:

The Ukrainian Chairmanship in the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation is held from 1 July to 31 December 2017.

Being guided by the BSEC Charter, the Istanbul Summit Declaration on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation and the BSEC Economic Agenda “Towards an Enhanced BSEC Partnership”, Ukraine will direct its efforts towards strengthening the Organization and receiving tangible results for the achievement of its statutory goals.

Ukraine considers that the implementation of the decisions of the 25th Anniversary Summit will restore the dynamics of the BSEC development and the important role of the Organization in the Region.

Ukraine will lead the Organization under the motto «Towards peace, stability and prosperity», which derives directly from the BSEC statutory objectives, and will pay particular attention to economic cooperation within the framework of the BSEC in terms of security crisis in the Region.

The Ukrainian Chairmanship will further promote the multilateral project-oriented approach in the BSEC activity.

Taking into account the current situation in the Region, Ukraine intends to reach the conditions under which the further implementation of regional projects on the development of the Black Sea Ring Highway and the Motorways of the Sea, cooperation on intermodal transportation, cultural heritage protection, tourism, environmental protection, trade policy and others could be possible.

The BSEC subsidiary bodies should restore the practice of elaboration of project proposals.

In the area of sectoral cooperation, Ukraine will concentrate its efforts on:

• development of multilateral economic cooperation in the BSEC Region and practical implementation of the previously adopted decisions and concluded agreements;

• implementation of the Memoranda of Understanding on the Facilitation of Road Transport of Goods, Development of the Black Sea Ring Highway and Motorways of the Sea; promotion of intermodal transportation;

• further consideration of the draft documents aimed at intraregional trade promotion and customs cooperation;

• promotion of the BSEC activities in the tourism sector and elaboration the project on the development of cruise tourism in the BSEC region;

• promotion of environmental initiatives and development of regional policies for the protection of the marine environment.

The Ukrainian Chairmanship is aware of the importance of multilateral resource support for the project approach and will focus its efforts on strengthening the Organization's multilateral financial capabilities using the BSEC program-oriented budget, the opportunities of the BSTDB, PDF and the Project Management Unit.

Taking into account the lack of financial resources of the Project Development Fund and problems with its financing, Ukraine suggests to consider along with the established practice of voluntary contributions by the Member States the alternative sources of replenishment, particularly related to the BSEC budgetary mechanisms.

The Ukrainian Chairmanship considers the BSEC partners as an important reserve to strengthen economic cooperation.

Special attention will be drawn to cooperation with the UN specialized agencies in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The interactive potential with the EU, defined, in particular, at the CMFA Meeting on a BSEC-EU enhanced relationship held in Kyiv in 2008 in the framework of the Black Sea Synergy, still remains untapped.

The Ukrainian Chairmanship will pay a special attention to contacts with the EU at both, the expert and political levels, in accordance with the principles of complementarity in implementing pragmatic objectives.

The Ukrainian Chairmanship attaches importance of improving the mechanisms and instruments of cooperation.

Taking into account the constructive proposals on amending the legal framework of cooperation elaborated by the BSEC PERMIS, Ukraine will endeavor to complete this work within the framework of the Working Group on Organizational Issues.

The Ukrainian Chairmanship regards entrepreneurship dimension as vital for development of BSEC.

Paying tribute to the Turkish Chairmanship for resuming the activity of the BSEC Business Council and taking over the Chairmanship in this institution, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with business partners of the Member States, will concentrate its efforts at strengthening the BSEC's entrepreneurship dimension and avoiding past mistakes that hinder business cooperation within the Organization.

The Ukrainian Chairmanship believes that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation will continue to provide an example of compliance with the norms and principles of international law for the development of regional cooperation.

Key events:

Among the high-level events of the Ukrainian Chairmanship-in-Office:

Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs (December, Ukraine): at the regular Meeting – conclusion of the Chairmanship, adoption of decisions that will define the main BSEC achievements for the semi-annual period and outline prospects for the future.

Informal Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs (September, New York): on the margins of the UN General Assembly.

Meeting of Ministers of Transport (October, Ukraine): discussion on realization of projects in the Black Sea region.