What is the history of BSEC? When was it established?
Who are the Members of BSEC?
What does BSEC do? What are the BSEC areas of cooperation?
What are the main structures of BSEC?
What is the role of the Chairmanship-in-Office?
What is the role of the Country-Coordinators of the Working Groups?
What is the role of the BSEC Permanent International Secretariat?
What is the main strategic document of BSEC?
How are decisions taken in BSEC?
What has BSEC accomplished so far?
How are BSEC activities financed?
Does BSEC sponsor projects? How do I apply?
Does BSEC have any partners?
What are the official languages of BSEC?
Where can I find statistical data on BSEC Member States?
What are some recommended publications on BSEC and the Black Sea?
How do I apply for a job at BSEC? Who can apply?
How do I apply for internship at BSEC? Who can apply?
Where can I find basic information on BSEC for a presentation/report?
How can I regularly receive information regarding developments in BSEC?