Action Plan

Mr. Nikolaos EMIRZAS - Executive Manager in PERMIS in charge of the Working Group.

Vast agricultural potential of the Black sea region and the wide ranging prospects it offers for agro-industry business are the principal reasons behind the establishment of the Working Group on Agriculture and Agro-Industry.

The Working Group considered a wide range of issues at its meetings, including food safety priorities in the agricultural policy of the Member States and phyto-sanitary control measures in the BSEC Member States and the efforts to improve this service.

Two project applications were considered within the framework of the Working Group, namely “A Feasibility Study for Variable Rate Irrigation in the Black Sea region: Economical and Environmental Benefits” submitted by Greece (Lead Partner), Turkey and Bulgaria; and “Fatty liver incidence on mini dairy cow farms in the Republic of Serbia, Romania and the Republic of Moldova” submitted by Serbia (Lead Partner), Romania and Moldova and were recommended to the PDF Steering Committee for approval. The projects have been approved and the participation institutions started their implementation.

Among the priorities of the Working Group for the current period are the following actions:

- holding consultations on elaboration of efficient measures of control and surveillance for the fishing in the boundary-neighbouring aquatories.

- assessment of the prospects for optimization of cooperation in wine production sphere between the BSEC Member States.

- exchange of information on social partnership in the area of agriculture based on the experience of the BSEC Member States.

- cooperation in selection, reproduction and protection of plants, further enhancement of cooperation among agrarian research and educations institutions.

 - elaboration of a joint program for countering proliferation of high-patogenous avian influenza and other diseases.

- development of cooperation in the field of food safety among relevant institutions and accredited laboratories of the BSEC Member States.