Action Plan 
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Action Plan

ACTION PLAN 2009-2011


The Plan of Action of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Working Group on Institutional Renewal and Good Governance determines the main directions of the cooperation in the field of Civil Service and Administrative Reform among the BSEC Member States in order to create a highly efficient platform for discussion of the issues of public administration and civil service development, the experts’ network for the information exchange and to facilitate the multilateral and bilateral initiatives.

The Plan of Action is expected to be a general framework for the cooperation of the BSEC countries in the field of administrative reform with focus on civil service.

The Plan of Action is the first step to formulate the main priorities of Working Group activities, to identify measures and to create a framework for further cooperation.

The aim of The Plan of Action is to promote sustainable functioning of the national public administrations which meet the economic, social, and environmental and safety needs of the BSEC Member States, to actualize the multilateral cooperation in BSEC region.


First aim - to Strengthen the Working Group as a Discussion Platform

This aim is expected to be achieved through the establishment of regular discussions in the Working Group on actual issues on public administration and civil service, i.e.

– Civil servant’s performance evaluations;
– Benefits and compensations for civil servants;
– Trainings of civil servants;
– Administrative services (including charged services), etc.

Second aim - to Re-enforce Working Group for Support of Multilateral Cooperation

This aim is expected to be achieved through the:

– Invitation of Working Group representatives to international conferences and seminars in Member States;
– Holding multilateral communication activities and trainings;
– Fostering cooperation between institutions and public authorities of the BSEC member states in the field of civil service, institutional building, administrative reform;
– Further Involvement to multilateral cooperation of international organizations;
– Introduction of projects for implementation by BSEC member states.

Third aim - to Enhance Working Group as a Common Information Exchange Channel

This aim is expected to be achieved through the:

– Spreading publication, law drafts and other information materials regarding public administration and civil service;
– Involving of the BSEC MS representatives to the experts discussions on bilateral and multilateral bases around public administration reforms.