Terms of Ref 
Terms of Ref


 (Sixth CMFA - Kyiv, 25 April 2002)

 1. The following tasks are assigned to the Country-Coordinator appointed for a two-year period over a specific area of cooperation (Working Group):

- the Country-Coordinator should present two-year Plan of Action in the relevant sphere of cooperation;

- the Country-Coordinator should consult with each successive Chairman-in-Office on the manner in which the latter would integrate in the Chairmanship Program of Activities the priorities of the Country-Coordinator; to this end the Country-Coordinator should present to the Chairman-in-Office a detailed outline of activities that intends to implement over the term of each sessional Chairmanship;

- the Country-Coordinator should be responsible for convening at least one meeting of the Working Group annually;

- upon the invitation of the Chairman-in-Office or the host country of a meeting of a Working Group, the Country-Coordinator may chair or co-chair meetings of the Working Group whose activities it is coordinating;

- the Country-Coordinator will establish a focal point, a person or service, who will be the contact point for the International Secretariat, for the Chairman-in-Office and for the Member States.

2. The Committee of Senior Officials shall periodically review the state of implementation of the Plan of Action by the Country-Coordinator and formulate appropriate recommendations to the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.