Environmental Protection

Annex III to BS/EM/WG/EP/R(2022)2




(Romania – Country-Coordinator)



  1. Implementation of resolutions, decisions and recommendations of the Council and Ministers of Environmental Protection.
  2. Support the joint regional projects focused on solving the specific ecological problems of the Black Sea, for instance marine litter, including plastic and microplastic pollution.
  3. Support BSEC in promoting and implementing the environmental projects funded by the relevant international institutions. The progress of the existing projects as well as new project proposals will be presented by BSEC PERMIS and MS of Working Group on Environmental Protection for their consideration in accordance with the BSEC Statutory Documents and preparing the relevant recommendations to the Council.
  4. Strengthen the cooperation with the relevant international and regional organizations in order to enhance the capacities of WGEP in implementing joint programs on environmental protection and in the interest of sustainable development of the Black Sea marine region, taking into account the need to avoid duplication of work.
  5. Organize the workshop on the status of the implementation of BSEC Climate Change Strategy.
  1. Organize the joint Meetings of BSEC and Permanent Secretariat of the Commission of Convention on Protection of the Black Sea against Pollution in order to strengthen practical cooperation and information exchange regarding the ecological status of the Black Sea ecosystem.
  1. Continue close coordination with PERMIS in organizing meetings of WGEP on the regular basis in order to increase the efficiency of cooperation on environmental protection within BSEC.