Information & Communication Technologies

Terms of Reference
of the BSEC Working Group on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

1. Seeking ways and means of increasing confidence in ICT, among the BSEC Member States by:

- expanding information exchange in the ICT field among the BSEC countries;
- formulating recommendations on promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation in the ICT field;
- considering and promoting BSEC countries’ joint R&D project proposals.

2. Cooperation of the BSEC Member States in the ICT field on:
- harmonizing relevant national legislation;
- expanding broadband communication network including satellite communication systems;
- developing joint projects;
- e-government, e-business, e-learning, e-healthcare etc.

3. Elaboration of common actions to bridge the “digital divide” in the BSEC region.

4. Supporting cooperation in the area of academic research and exchange of “know-how” by
means of:

- organizing seminars, training programs, conferences on ICT development and application issues;

- expanding the scientific exchange among the BSEC countries.

5. Seeking ways and means of attracting investments in the ICT sector.

6. Defining main directions of activity aimed at obtaining technical and financial assistance in order to provide building up regional and national facilities in the ICT sector.

7. Elaborating recommendations in order to secure financial support of International financial institutions for implementation of BSEC projects in the field of ICT, including those
elaborated with the help of the BSEC Project Development Fund.