Institutional Renewal & Good Governance

Ambassador Venera DOMI- Executive Manager in PERMIS in charge of the Working Group on Institutional Renewal and Good Governance       Tel: +90 (212) 229 63 30-35 (Ext: 129)

The Republic of Azerbaijan is the Country-Coordinator of the Working Group on Institutional Renewal from 1 July 2023 until 30 June 2025.


The key priorities for BSEC activity in the field of institutional renewal and good governance are defined by Goal 15 “Good Governance and the Rule of Law: Strengthening the capacity of the Member States in conducting civil service and public administration reforms in line with the best governance and administration practices” of the “BSEC Economic Agenda Towards an Enhanced BSEC Partnership”, adopted in 2012.


Two Meetings of the Ministers in charge of Public Administration (2005 and 2007) were held that adopted Declarations serving as guidance for the activities in this domain.


The main activities are carried out by the BSEC Working Group on Institutional Renewal and Good Governance, which meets whenever necessary. The last meeting of the Working Group was held online on 12 April 2023.


On 3 November 2022, a Webinar on “The role of E-Governance as a Citizen-Centric and Effective Approach to Public Service Delivery” was held online. The participants shared their national experiences on different topics such as: Integrated Service Management and Application of Innovations in Public Service Delivery (one-stop-shop); Best Smart Solutions in the Era of Innovations: Development of E-Governance System (non-stop-shop); Citizen Satisfaction as the Measurement of Good Governance; Role of Information Communication Technologies in Effective Governance

For further information kindly contact the Executive Manager in charge.