Mr. Kanan Murtuzov - Executive Manager in PERMIS in charge of the Working Group on SMEs       Tel: +90 (212)229 63 30-35  (Ext:117) 


The Republic of Bulgaria is the Country Coordinator of the Working Group on SMEs from 1 January 2024 until 31 December 2025.

The key priorities for the activities in the field of SMEs are defined by Goal 9 “Supporting the Sustainable Development of the SMEs Sector in the Black Sea Region” of the “BSEC Economic Agenda Towards and Enhanced BSEC Partnership”, adopted in 2012.

The main activities are carried out by the BSEC Working Group on SMEs, established in 2001, to increase cooperation of the SMEs at both national and regional level. It also undertakes regular surveys on SMEs’ needs, priorities and problems in the BSEC Region.

The principal mission of the Working Group is to help the business environment, to foster entrepreneurship, to promote cooperation through the exchange of information on best practices and provide recommendations to Member States.

For the implementation of Goal 9 of the Economic Agenda, every three years, the Working Group identifies and agrees on three new priorities.    

Upon the initiative of interested Member States, various specialized workshops were held, back-to-back with the Meeting of the Working Group, aimed at identifying new avenues for the implementation of the relevant provisions.

The BSEC PERMIS cooperates closely with the International Network for SMEs (INSME) which is a Sectoral Dialogue Partner of BSEC since 2006.

For further information kindly contact the Executive Manager in charge.