(1 January – 30 June 2024)

Albania’s Chairmanship motto “Coming together for a peaceful cooperation in the BSEC area”.

We will promote cooperation among member states for finding joint solutions on difficult issues and unanimously addressing the wide range of economic and social issues. We will also promote BSEC- EU interaction, while deepening our common efforts for better results in the fields of transport, economy, tourism, cultural heritage, interaction BSEC-EU etc.

Albania’s Chairmanship will lead the cooperation to a more sustainable economic and social ground. We will comprehensively work together with the BSEC member states, in order to achieve significant results for our common challenges, through joint, coordinated and all-inclusive measures.

We fully believe that BSEC will continue to foster the good-neighbourly relations and overall cooperation between its member states. Taking into account that the wider Black Sea area is of increasing political and economic importance for the EU, the Albanian C-i-O aims to enhance the cooperation and synergy between the two entities nourishing it into a dynamic and project-oriented approach.

Being convinced that the cultural and tourism diversity of the BSEC Region represents a key asset for enhancing political dialogue in the wider Black Sea area, Albanian BSEC C-i-O aims to contribute to the development and strengthening of cultural and tourism cooperation in this regard.


· Strengthening efficiency and effectiveness of the Organization

Albania intends to increase the profile and the relevance of the Organization for its Member States, by ensuring that the primary objectives pursued will be the continued improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Organization.

· Facilitation of bilateral, regional and inter-regional dialogue

During its BSEC C-i-O, Albania will strive to forge a more result-oriented cooperation by building confidence and trust, encouraging bilateral, regional and inter-regional dialogue. Albania is determined to make use of the great potential of the Organization as a platform of dialogue to play a more proactive, effective and constructive role in promoting the common goal of a peaceful, stable and prosperous BSEC region in the interest of all stakeholders.

· Furthering interaction between BSEC-EU

The Albanian C-i-O aims to enhance the cooperation and synergy between the two entities nourishing it into a dynamic and project-oriented approach. Thus, Albania intends to develop a balanced, mutually beneficial and result-oriented relationship between the BSEC and EU with a focal focus on the European integration process of the BSEC member states that adhere to join the EU.

· Strengthening the economic, transport and energy cooperation

The Albanian Chairmanship will endorse multilateral economic cooperation and development through joint efforts, dialogue and good neighborliness within the BSEC framework. Albania intends to pursue sustainable development while ensuring the rational balance between economic growth, social responsibility and environmental protection, with the view to further strengthen economic cooperation in the region. Regarding transport and energy cooperation, the Albanian Chairmanship-in-Office aims to deepen the on-going efforts for the modernization of energy infrastructure, simplification of goods transportation methods, implementation of intelligent transport systems etc.

· Strengthening tourism and cultural cooperation

Tourism is a very important sector with a great weight both in terms of money and employment. Therefore, the Albanian C-i-O will focus its efforts on promoting the whole BSEC region as one of the leading tourism destinations through joint international tourism exhibitions, new tourism packages etc.

Being convinced that the cultural diversity of the BSEC region represents a key asset for enhancing political dialogue in the Black Sea area, the Albanian Chairmanship aims to contribute to strengthening cultural cooperation and dialogue in order to promote the cultural diversity and cultural heritage of BSEC member states.

· Strengthening the external relations of the BSEC Secretariat

During its Chairmanship, Albania intends to promote fruitful cooperation between BSEC and other external entities, in particular with the UN and its specialized agencies. Albania will also aim to develop cooperation of a practical nature with other international and regional organizations and financial institutions such as the World Bank, WTO, and FAO.