Ukraine is the Country Coordinator for the Working Group on Energy for the term 1 January 2018 – 31 December 2019

Edouard PANOIAN - Executive Manager in PERMIS in charge of the Working Group.

Vast energy resources of the region, including the Caspian basin, second only to the Gulf area in the world, are not only a major, strategic asset but also an unavoidable subject in bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation.


Energy-rich BSEC Countries, various Member States, major industrial economies and multinational companies will have to join forces for their realization. This will be a major, meaningful investment towards enduring security and stability in the region. Interconnection of electric power systems encompassing all the member states is a striking project under progress guided by the Ministers of Energy of the Member States. The objective is to bring about a rational and more effective production and utilization of electric power in the region. The Terms of Reference of the feasibility study are already endorsed. A Steering Committee established at the level of Deputy Ministers of Energy is charged with the follow-up of implementation of the Terms of Reference. The feasibility study is about to begin. Enquiry for financing is under way.


- Energy Efficiency
- Renewable Energy
- Oil and Gas Transportation
- Creation of a Data Bank on Energy Programs
- Other Energy Related

One of the priorities of the Organization is to support the efforts of the 12 Member States for ensuring sustainable energy. A major area of action in this regard is the development of BSEC regional cooperation in Green Energy. The Working Group on Energy started working for the elaboration of a BSEC Green Energy Strategy Paper.

A BSEC Green Energy Network was established in 2015 for exchanging information and sharing experience and know-how among national administrative bodies and organizations mandated to promote renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures and policies in the BSEC Region.

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