Healthcare & Pharmaceutics


The BSEC Working Group on Health Care and Pharmaceutics will carry out its activities in accordance with the Charter of the BSEC and other BSEC statutory documents, Resolutions and Decisions of the Council, Declarations or Statements adopted within the BSEC and the present Action Plan.

The Action Plan in the field of health care and pharmaceutics will intensify the cooperation between the BSEC Member States and will reflect both the national programs and priorities and the regional interests.

The Action Plan is adopted for the period 2012/2013 and aims to advance the interaction of the Member States through programmes or projects of common interest, taking into account the economic, social, safety and environmental aspects of the Member States.


- Further elaboration of the Epidemiological Surveillance and Response network within BSEC Member States and establishment of the monthly exchange of information on registered infection diseases between BSEC Member States.

- Development and defining of the criteria, procedures and mechanism of exchange of information in case of regional and trans-border emergency situation due to biological agents, including extremely dangerous diseases within the Member States.

- Exchange of information regarding the development of national anti-epidemic, hy-giene and sanitary policies and measures regarding sanitary protection of the territo-ries of the Member States.

- Promotion of the internal procedures for signing the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Sanitary Protection of the Territories of the Member States of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation and exerting efforts to put the Agreement into force.

- Discussion issues and possible actions for the regional cooperation on the implemen-tation of the IHR 2005.

- Discussion on the establishing information exchange on preventing counterfeit medicines and the draft of multilateral Memorandum of Understanding on Information Exchange and Cooperation in the Sphere of Quality Assurance of Medicines.

- Discussion of PDF project proposals related to the health care and pharmaceutics presented by the Member States and submitting the conclusion of the PDF, coordination of development of joint PDF project proposals related to the health care and pharmaceutics.

- Exploring possible steps for promoting BSEC-EU cooperation, promotion of the ac-tive dialogue with the international organizations, regional cooperation initiatives and programmes in the field of health care and pharmaceutics.

- Enhancing practical cooperation by participation in the organization of conferences, workshops and seminars initiated by the Member States and BSEC Related Bodies, devoted to the issues on the health care and pharmaceutics.

The Working Group will analyze annually the state of implementation of the present Action Plan. The Country-Coordinator will coordinate and lead the work to be carried out under the present Action Plan with support and assistance of PERMIS. The Action Plan shall be im-plemented without any prejudice to the international obligations, EU commitments or provisions of the legislation of the BSEC Member States.